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At Cohesion Inc., we are committed to delivering a range of specialized environmental services, catering to both residential and commercial clients, including realtors, property buyers, and sellers. Our team, with over 75 years of combined experience, excels in providing phase I environmental site assessments, comprehensive tank removal, soil remediation, and more, ensuring each service is executed with professionalism, honesty, and deep industry knowledge. Our unique understanding of the real estate market and environmental regulations in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas sets us apart, ensuring that we provide the most cost-effective and timely solutions for our clients.

Our phase I environmental site assessments are meticulously conducted to offer real estate professionals, buyers, and sellers thorough insights into the environmental status of their properties. This service includes detailed site inspections, historical research, and regulatory reviews, vital for making informed decisions. In the area of tank removal, we specialize in both commercial and residential projects, handling everything from underground to above-ground storage tanks. Our approach prioritizes environmental safety, employing thorough inspections, soil testing, and state-approved tools to manage potential risks effectively.

About Sticky Tank Removal

For soil removal and remediation, Cohesion Inc. responds swiftly to emergencies like leaking tanks, ensuring contaminated soil is safely removed and disposed of. Our process is transparent, keeping clients informed about the extent of contamination and remediation costs. We also provide on-site total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) testing with state-approved mobile analyzers, delivering quick and reliable results for clients needing immediate soil sample analysis.

Our heating oil tank inspection services are tailored for property owners and real estate professionals, utilizing advanced tools for accurate assessments. This service is essential for ensuring that heating oil tanks meet environmental standards and do not pose potential liabilities. Additionally, we proficiently handle well abandonments, ensuring safe and regulatory-compliant procedures for wells no longer in use.

At Cohesion Inc., we pride ourselves on offering accessible and client-friendly environmental solutions. We accept Square payments for added convenience, reflecting our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs. Contact us for environmental services that blend expertise with convenience.

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Partner with Cohesion Inc. for top-notch environmental services. We ensure safety and compliance for your property. Experience our dedicated support and innovative solutions.

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