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Discover comprehensive environmental solutions with Cohesion Inc. Specializing in assessments, tank removals, and soil remediation, we offer expertise and peace of mind in every service. Get in touch with us today!

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Trustworthy Environmental Services in Raleigh, NC, and Surrounding Areas

Cohesion Inc. excels in environmental services with a unique blend of cleanup expertise and real estate knowledge. Our team, with over 75 years of combined experience, offers comprehensive services including phase I environmental site assessments (ESA), commercial and residential tank removal, soil removal and remediation, test mobile analyzer for petroleum (TPH), heating oil tank inspections, and well abandonments. Tailored to meet the needs of realtors, property owners, and buyers, we focus on cost-effective, timely solutions that protect property values and address environmental liabilities. At Cohesion Inc., we are more than a service provider; we are your dedicated environmental consulting partner committed to delivering quality results for you and the environment.

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Trusted Expertise and Unmatched Reliability

Cohesion Inc. is the go-to choice for environmental services thanks to our unique blend of industry knowledge, real estate experience, and customer-centric approach. We excel in addressing underground tank issues, environmental liabilities, and compliance needs, ensuring every project is handled with the utmost professionalism and honesty. Our tailored solutions cater to a diverse clientele, including realtors, commercial property owners, and residential clients. We’re committed to serving with integrity, providing affordable solutions swiftly to meet real estate deadlines. With us, clients receive guidance every step of the way, making informed decisions and safeguarding their investments.

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Unique Solutions for Every Environmental Need

Relish the Comprehensive Services We Offer

Each of the services of Cohesion Inc. addresses specific environmental challenges with precision and expertise. Our phase I environmental site assessments ensure properties are free from environmental liabilities, particularly useful for realtors and property transactions. We excel in both commercial and residential tank removal, assessing and mitigating potential environmental risks. Our soil removal and remediation services provide comprehensive cleanup, addressing contamination with efficiency. Our state-approved TPH testing ensures rapid, reliable soil analysis. We specialize in heating oil tank inspections, providing detailed evaluations to maintain safety and compliance. Lastly, our well abandonment services ensure the safe and compliant closure of unused wells, protecting property and the environment.

Dependable Environmental Solutions

Cohesion Inc. stands as a beacon of reliability and expertise in environmental services. We prioritize client needs and environmental safety, ensuring each service is executed efficiently. Explore our range of services for comprehensive solutions. Learn more about how we can help you.

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Phase I Environmental Site

Choose Cohesion Inc. for detailed pahase I environmental site assessments. We ensure your property complies with all environmental regulations.

Phase I Environmental Site

Some key components of this service are:

  • Site inspection
  • Historical research
  • Regulatory database review
  • Interviews and records review
  • And more!
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Commercial & Residential Tank Removal

Cohesion Inc. skillfully handles tank removal, from precise locating to environmental safety checks, ensuring a secure property for you.

Commercial & Residential Tank Removal

Some of the things included in this service are:

  • Underground storage tank removal
  • Underground storage tank cleanup
  • And more!
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Assessment, Soil Removal and Remediation

Specializing in soil removal and remediation, Cohesion Inc. tackles contamination, delivering clean and safe environments.

Assessment, Soil Removal and Remediation

This service includes:

  • Environmental cleanup assessment
  • Soil or ground floor assessment
  • Ground floor sampling
  • Ground floor analyzation
  • And more!
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Test Mobile Analyzer for Petroleum (TPH)

Rely on Cohesion Inc. for TPH testing with rapid, accurate results, ensuring your property meets all environmental standards.

Test Mobile Analyzer for Petroleum (TPH)

Some things to be expected from this are:

  • State-approved analysis
  • On-site testing
  • Accurate soil assessment
  • Regulatory compliance
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Heating Oil Tank Inspections

For meticulous heating oil tank inspections, Cohesion Inc. is your trusted partner, ensuring integrity and safety of your tanks.

Heating Oil Tank Inspections

What to anticipate from this includes the following:

  • Advanced inspection tools
  • Leak detection
  • Analytical reports
  • Integrity checks
  • Professional recommendations
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Well Abandonments

Cohesion Inc. ensures safe well abandonment, adhering to state regulations for your peace of mind and environmental safety.

Well Abandonments

Here are some of the things to expect from this service:

  • Compliant well closure
  • Certified contractors
  • Safety first approach
  • Environmental protection
  • Legal compliance
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Ready to address your environmental concerns? Cohesion Inc. offers excellent solutions for a range of environmental needs. From site assessments to tank removals and soil remediation, our team is equipped to handle challenges with professionalism and expertise. We ensure compliance with all regulations, providing peace of mind for realtors, property owners, and buyers. Let us help you navigate the complexities of environmental liabilities. Contact us today for a consultation and experience our commitment to excellence in environmental services.

Our Values

Core Values of Cohesion Inc.

Our Values


At Cohesion Inc., we believe transparency is key in real estate transactions, especially those involving environmental liabilities. Our commitment to clear communication ensures that clients are fully informed about properties, particularly those with underground petroleum tanks, fostering trust and informed decision-making.

Our dedication to environmental responsibility is at the heart of our operations. We specialize in properties with unique environmental challenges, striving to provide solutions that not only meet regulatory standards but also promote sustainable living and healthier communities.

Ethical practices guide every aspect of our work at Cohesion Inc. From navigating complex real estate transactions to managing environmental liabilities, we uphold the highest standards of ethics, ensuring that every transaction contributes positively to both our clients and the environment.

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